10 Great Freelance And Part-Time Jobs For 2016

Because of the advancements in information technology and a rebounding economy – and a tighter job market – it’s never been easier for freelancers and part-time workers to market themselves and find positions that work for them from employers almost anywhere. As more and more in the U.S. entertain the notion of becoming part of the “gig” economy, it helps to have an idea which types of positions lend themselves well to lone-wolf careerists—and which pay more.

To let job seekers know what their options are, online career search and information site, Careercast.com – which attracts about 1 million visitors per month – compiled a list of great jobs that people can do as a freelancer, part-timer or consultant. We ranked Careercast’s list by median hourly income and built a gallery to display this unique set of jobs. Check it out below!