The Best Jobs Are Unadvertised. Here’s How to Find Them By Mark Feffer

We all know it – looking for a job is rough. Hopelessly sending out resume after resume, usually getting no response at all. And if you’re hoping to break out of your current field or find a higher-level position than you’ve had before? Forget about it.

So how do you convince a perfect stranger that they need to hire you, when you can’t even get them to pick up the phone and ask you in for an interview?

The answer is simple: They can’t be a perfect stranger.

There’s a widespread misconception out there that the only way to find a job is to see a posting, send in your application, and wait for the phone to ring. The fact is that most of positions aren’t advertised, and more than two-thirds of new jobs go to people who have inside information and influence.

Your networks – your personal and professional relationships – are they keys to finding your next dream job. Here’s how you can make them work for you: