Re Interviews: “78% of all candidates wing it! As a result, they are frequently dropped from further condisderation.!”

Several quite good insights into Resumes and Interviews below, from a recent NetTemps CrossRoads newsletter.

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Common Resume Questions
As a Nationally Certified Resume Writer, I get asked the same questions over and over by job seekers like yourself regarding their resumes. Since the questions below are so popular, I knew it would be of interest to all of you. So I took the time to share the most common resume questions I’m asked, along with my thoughts, with all of you in mind.

Be The Expert They Want to Hire

You already know that most employers will use Google to research your background before hiring you, right? If hiring managers find nothing online about you, you won’t stand out from the crowd. That’s bad. But, what if, during their Google search, a hiring committee finds that you’ve written several industry-related articles and you’ve been published all over the Internet? You’ll look like an expert in their eyes — and be much more likely to get a job offer.

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

A job interview is stressful, but preparing for the interview

de-stresses the situation considerably. Yet, 78% of all candidates – regardless of the level for which they are interviewing – wing it! As a result, they’re frequently dropped from further consideration. If you don’t know what you’re looking for and if you wait until the interviewer tells you enough about the job to decide if you want it, you’ve waited too long.

Would You Lie On Your Resume?

Before you consider stretching the truth a little on your resume – or worse, lying about something like having a college degree or working for a particular employer – you should read this article. You might just have second thoughts. Many hiring managers are keenly aware that lying on a resume is becoming a costly problem for many companies, and thoroughly check all facts even after they hire a candidate.